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Design Thinking Training for Government

Based on the Spring2 Methodology for Design Thinking, these courses are built specifically for the needs of government, ensuring participants gain the tools needed to modernize, pivot, and build resilience in an ever-changing and complex environment.

Public Sector Courses

Design Thinking Level 1

Design Thinking for the Public Sector (Level 1)

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Public Sector Design Thinking Certification

Public Sector Design Thinking Certification

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NEW – Introduction to Design Thinking (self-paced)

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Design Thinking & Change Management

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Design Thinking for Public Sector Leaders

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Digital-Physical Transformation for the Public Sector

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Spring2 Training Courses Will

Improve Decision Making

We are hyper focused on helping you make better decisions. Using design thinking, we teach you how understand the real needs of your end-clients and identify the right problems to solve.

Solve Complex Challenges

Solving complex challenges is where we shine. We show you how to identify solutions and select the best ones to prototype and test, ensuring the problem is solved, no matter how complex.

Awaken the Design Mindset

We help you do more than create products or services. We give you the tools to marry design, innovation, and change, while ensuring buy-in and overall success – or #DoUnlimited.


Learn how we can help your organization achieve unprecedented results by embracing the principles of Design Thinking.

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