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Spring2 Innovation Custom Training

Custom Training for Teams & Organizations

Based on the Spring2 Methodology for Design Thinking, all customized training sessions are focused on helping teams and businesses create greater impact from a human-centered perspective.

About Customized Training

Our customized training option is best suited for teams working on a specific challenge like derisking change management initiatives, or with a goal in mind, like improving culture, communication, and/or mindset, or those looking to increase innovation.

Customized training will ensure the team starts using the same terminology and methodology for solving problems from a human-centered perspective.

How it Works

We start by identifying your challenge or goal – you can do this in advance or work with our experts to identify and clearly define your challenge or goal.

Once the challenge or goal is identified for the training, we’ll create the training plan and use it throughout the training to ensure all participants understand design thinking and how it can be incorporated into their work environment and projects.

Participants leave the training knowing how to apply design thinking and a solution for their identified challenge or goal. All participants will also get access to ongoing support in the Spring2 Design Thinking Community of Practice.


  • Design Thinking & Change Management
  • Design Thinking Certification
  • Intro to Design Thinking
  • Digital Literacy through IoT & Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking for Leaders

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