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You’ve been investing in your business, but you’re not seeing revenues increase. You think you need to pivot, but you’re not sure how. Our consultants are experts at understanding your clients, and can help you increase revenues, improve customer stickiness, pivot with your customers, or increase innovation across your business.

Consulting Services

Design Thinking Consulting

Spring2’s Methodology for Design Thinking is helpful and necessary for any business looking to remain competitive. It will give you a deep understanding of your customers and your overall business.

By working with the Spring2 team, you will tap into our design thinking expertise to solve your toughest business challenges and identify your biggest opportunities. Together, we will frame your challenge or opportunity and undertake work to understand your audience, business, products/services, and goals. From there, we may take you through iterations of prototypes or concepts, prepare you to work with your end clients to co-create solutions with them, and then test and measure the solution, product, or service and adjust as needed to best suit your needs.

Those working in IT, HR, or trying to bring sales and marketing together with operations will benefit from our design thinking consulting services.

Innovation Consulting

Disruption is the new normal. Successful leaders and organizations recognize the need to continually innovate to create a sustainable business and drive growth. For real success, businesses must be adaptable and well equipped to manage change on an ongoing basis – especially if they are looking to improve their products, services, and interactions with their customers and workforce.

Innovation must be embedded into the company’s DNA and there needs to be structure and a process to allow true innovation to take place. By using design thinking methods and change management principals we’ll work with you to understand your business, remove silos and get people working together better, and provide the tools and strategy needed to achieve success long-term that matches your specific competitive needs.

Business Strategy

Organizations that align their business strategies and innovation efforts empower their teams to work towards a common goal, enabling long-term success across business lines. To do this successfully and prepare for growth, you must have clarity on your customer segment, business model, and value proposition.

Our approach to business strategy is grounded in design thinking methods and will be tailored to your specific needs. Our work can include:

  • identifying your customer segment
  • creating customer personas and journey-mapping
  • product or service design
  • go-to market strategy
  • visioning
  • bringing sales and marketing together with operations to deliver on organizational goals
  • IT transformation initiatives
  • HR transformation or change management initiatives

Learn how we can help your organization achieve unprecedented results by embracing the principles of Design Thinking.

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