Digital-Physical Transformation for the Public Sector - Spring2 Innovation

Digital-Physical Transformation for the Public Sector

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Elevate your Digital Transformation journey by adding-in Digital-Physical Transformation knowledge through Design Thinking practice.


Course Overview

This course teaches physical digitalization and its applications and impacts. Through presentation, real-world examples, and interactive Design Thinking techniques, this expert-led training will elevate your Digital Literacy in Digital-Physical Transformation, with the Internet of Things (IoT) at its core. Design Thinking will help you develop ways to elicit the real needs of end-users and citizens to innovate digital-physical solutions and digital governance.

This training will elevate your digital literacy in Digital-Physical Transformation to help you:

  • Expand innovation breadth and return on innovation investment (ROII) through physical digitalization.
  • Acquire knowledge and tools needed to accelerate Digital-Physical transformation in your realm without onerous technical prerequisites.
  • Mitigate risks and the strengthen resilience of your organization and policies.
  • Accelerate and leverage deployment of digital technologies like AI, 5G, Cloud, and others.
  • Anticipate change to ride waves of innovation.
  • Remain competitive on the world stage in digital services, products, and governance.
Schedule and Pricing

We’ve found that an applied learning format is the best way to deliver this training – this course is broken out into three sessions, ensuring learning is applied in the workplace throughout the program.

$2,350 per person

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February 28-29

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Summer Session

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