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The 411 On Design Thinking

August 14, 2017

The concept of logical thinking. Geometric shapes on a wooden background. Tetris toy wooden blocks.
Design thinking is a methodology that provides a human-centered approach to tackling complex, multifaceted problems in your organization. Design thinking understands that the customer shapes the current and future success of the business and that process or services must create value and address organizational needs for either internal and/or external customers.

The five stages of Design Thinking are as follows: to empathize with the end client, define the problem, ideate ways to solve your problem, prototype and produce a scaled down version of the process or solution and, finally the testing stage where the organization tests the processes or solutions using one or a hybrid of the ideas that were identified through the data collection phase using design thinking to help solve or innovate a new way of doing things. The results produced in the testing phase are used to help redefine and inform the understanding of the end client users experience – understanding how people think, behave and feel while using the process and/or service. Design Thinking will help make your process or service faster, bigger, better & cheaper to generate more success for your organization!

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